Art Beyond Borders and Boundaries – Nigeria 2021
Mosul My Home 2020
Remember Baghdad
Ukraine‚ÄďArts as a Tool for Achieving Peace & Social Peace-Building
Visiting Programme 2018
Visiting Programme 2018
Istanbul Art Fair 2018
Beyond Boundaries: Art by Email 201
Education, Migration, Participation: 2016 Germany
NINITI International Literature Festival, Erbil 2014
NINITI International Literature Festival, Erbil 2014
1st International Womens Conference, Iraq 2011-2013
Contemporary Art Iraq 2010


Post War Festival 2009
20:50 by Richard Wilson 2009
Solo Art Exhibition: Haure Majid 2013
Animation and Painting Exhibition: Mashallah Muhammedi 2012
Save Your Environment 201
Film Screening and Workshop 2013 Erbil
Basra University Conference April 2013 Iraq
Hivos Foundation, Den Haag 2012 NL
GATHERING: Art Across Kurdistan Iraq 2011
Contemporary Arts & Culture in a Conflict & Post Conflict Zone 2015
Exchange visit between Iraqi Kurdistan, USA & Italy 2011
Exchange visit between Iraqi Kurdistan, USA & Italy 2011
ICAN / Playhouse, Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland 2011
TCG National Conference 2010 USA
Research trip, Iraqi Kurdistan 2009
British & American artists visiting Iraq-Kurdistan 2007
Acting Together on the World's Stage 2010
Acting Together on the World’s Stage 2010
Spiritual journey: Exhibition by Adalet Garmiany 2018
Adalet Garmiany Exhibitions
Charity Art Auction 2014
Panel discussion: Evaluation of past and future projects 2008
Iraqi artists Residencies: 2008
UK and USA 2nd Trip to Iraqi Kurdistan, 2008
Kurdish Art & Culture from Iraq-UK 2007