Ukraine–Arts as a Tool for Achieving Peace & Social Peace-Building, Ukraine 2019

July 2019

ArtRole CE, invited by Peace building NGOs in Dnipro city eastern Ukraine at Conference Hall Ukrainian Government Regional Administration. Round table talk and presentation about “arts as tool for achieving Peace & Social Peace-building” supported by German CPS in Iraq & Ukraine .2nd July 2019

زۆر خۆشحاڵ بوم كە بانگیشتی كۆمەڵێك ریكخراوی كۆمەڵگای مەدەنی و ئاشتی لە شاری نیپرۆ – ڕۆژهەڵاتی ئۆكرانیا لە هۆڵی كۆنفراس سەربە ئیدارەی حكومەتی هەریمی ئۆكرانیا. كۆڕ و سیمینارم بەڕێوە برد لە بارەی “هونەر وەكوو ئەمرازیك بۆ بە رقراربونی ئاشتی و ئاشتی كۆمەڵاتی”  بە پشتگیری دەزگای CPS ئەڵمانیا لە عیراق و ئۆكرانیا. ٢-٧-٢٠١٩

تشرفت بدعوتي من المنظمات غير الحكومية لبناء السلام في مدينة نيبرو شرق أوكرانيا في قاعة المؤتمرات الإدارة الإقليمية للحكومة الأوكرانية. نقاش المائدة المستديرة وعرض حول “الفنون كأداة لتحقيق السلام وبناء السلام الاجتماعي” بدعم من CPS الألماني في العراق و أوكرانيا .٢ يوليو ٢٠١٩

Edcamp. Fifth Edition July 2019. 

Edcamp one of the biggest education conference in Europe.

‘It’s my first time participating as a speaker at EdCamp in Kharkiv city and it was an amazing atmosphere with lots of energy involving teachers from all around Ukraine and international guests. Almost 200 Speakers from 23 countries were giving lectures, workshops and open classes to more than 1000 teachers from all over Ukraine. The EdCamp teachers are considered leaders of the change in the education system, implementing it in their schools, sharing best practices,  knowledge and learning together.

During the conference I met with the Minister of Education of Ukraine Ms. Liliia Hrynevytch and spoke to her about my visit and work on peace-building and talking to teachers in the eastern part of Ukraine.

I gave 4 interviews, and talked to some of the international guests.   

Huge thanks to German CPS in Ukraine & Iraq for supporting my participation.

Congratulations to Edcamp organiser for the success of fifth edition of the conference and best of luck for the year to come.’

Adalet Garmiany–ArtRole CEO

Dnipro spiritual festival

Fifth Edition Edcamp Education

Dnipro Conference