Education-Migration-Participation -Munich, Germany 2016

ArtRole CE Adalet Garmiany, Participated in an International Forum – Munich on Cultural Education – Migration.

Organised by International Munich Art Lab, Germany,  March 16th to 18th 2016.

Due to the fact that Munich is facing an increasing movement of refugees we want to discuss on how the youthwork has to be changed. We believe on the possibilities of cultural work fostering personal skills, promoting interculural dialogue, enabeling multiethnical projects, social exchange and inclusion.

The forum  discussed the situation of young people and young refugees in Munich by linking young people, politicians and staff of the city departments. The goal was to enable an open dialogue on innovative concepts of cultural projects focussing on the needs of all young people (migrants and not).Movements of migration are known for many years and the integration has always been a major issue. Last year several thousand of young refugees arrived in Munich especially unaccompanied minor refugees. Cultural Youth Work started all kind of cultural activities with young people from Munich.

The forum was intended to be an occasion to discuss on an international level how cultural youth work helps young people feel integrated and understood as part of  urban society.To start a lively and sustainable discussion and project the forum gave an international and local overview on the topic with the opportunity to exchange practice. Various regional, national and international challenges for future projects were discussed. Guests from Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Bulgaria, Kurdistan, Italy, Spain, France and Germany worked on specific questions in the afternoon workshops which arose in the panels and keynotes of the morning sessions. We reflected and explored how cultural education can successfully show up as an active process of ‘Creating Community’.

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