Visiting Programme, Erbil, Iraq 2018

The Visiting Programme aims to present artwork created by artist and workers as part of the occasion of the international days of activism for ending violence against women which will start the official opening day on 25th November and end on 10th December. Friederike Ruff the visiting artist will present the artwork made at the Carpet factory along side presentation talking about her experiences being in Kurdistan Region for the first time, expressing her real feeling and thought working with the Kurdish female workers. Friederike also using the opportunity to talk about her work in Germany as well as internationally, this will open up opportunity for her to connect with art scene in the city.
Part of the programme Friederike will meet with local artists and arts students in the region. She will travel out of Erbil city to visit textile museums and carpet factories as well as she will visit other cities in the Kurdish region of Iraq. This project will create an opportunity for further future collaboration between both countries.

Artist Background:

Friederike Ruff, a visual artist in the field of painting, collage and textile art. born 1980 in Weingarten lives and works in Berlin since 2007.  Education: 2000 Fachhochschule für Design, Münster 2004 Universidad de Complutense, Madrid, 2001 – 2006 Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. Friederike Ruff travels a lot, in recent years mainly to the Middle East and the Caucasus, bringing impressions and things – at last patterns, fabrics and ornaments – that she uses in her collages. “I’m interested in topics, looking for the materials. And I’m from the collage. I disassemble things and rebuild them. It’s also a way of life, “explains Ruff, born in 1980, who studied in Munich, Stuttgart and Madrid.

Her art is not limited to images, but also includes objects; two are shown at Grölle. “Asasel”, a 50-centimeter-high figure of goat standing on a piece of broken glass wrapped in gray cloth on which Ruff embroidered swear words in 30 languages with red thread. The sculpture is reminiscent of the Hebrew ritual of the scapegoat – a tradition of up-to-the-minute reference. Opposite the “victim” stands a child mannequin a few meters away, with a red helmet, anonymous and armed, and a red suit with a wide open mouth and teeth. “That’s the culprit, the infantile aggressor, that’s why the baby doll. The teeth are weapons and symbols of strength. 

This event unites national and international female artists, activists, workers and academics to discuss how art and culture can address the particular issues of women in Iraq using presentations, workshops, and contemporary art, this visit hopes to foster dialogue among female artist and workers from Iraqi Kurdistan and the Germany.

This international event and public program is comprised of a textile project collaboration between German artist Friederike Ruff and female workers at the carpets factory in Erbil.

Sponsor: GIZ, Germany

Implementation by ArtRole