is an Iraqi registered non-profit, non-governmental organisation which was founded in 2004 in the United Kingdom, a contemporary arts organization dedicated to building a cultural bridge between the Iraq – Middle East and the rest of the world.

ArtRole operating in Iraq is officially registered there as Iraq No. 4395- L.


  • To make a positive contribution to the cultural, artistic and educational life of the Iraq – Middle East through establishing a regular programme of cross-cultural arts
  • To provide opportunities for artists to visit the Iraq – Middle East to develop new work and for artists from the region to travel abroad.
  • To provide facilitation tools, resources and materials to learning institutions in the Iraq – Middle East that enable art education activity
  • To raise awareness of environmental and regeneration issues to communities in the Iraq –Middle East through art and art education


ArtRole voices “questions, hopes, ambitions and developments” which are currently taking place in Iraq to the outside world through art and cultural initiatives.  It works to establish harmonious connections through the medium of art and art education. Through different creative channels and forums ArtRole intends to encourage, develop and support sustainable systems within arts and education projects which will benefit young people, women and communities as well as the country’s cultural infrastructure.

Core Values

All activities support the building of a modern, democratic, creative and multicultural Iraq by developing international and inter-generational collaborations and networks within and between Iraq, Kurdish Regional and other Middle East Regions. Commitment to promote human rights, freedom of speech and communication between genders and diverse communities, it engages with women’s issues and encourages the participation of women to have a role within the organisation and all its activities. Also, having concerns about environmental and regeneration issues in communities of the Region and therefore aims to promote the participation of environmental artists and scientists.

ArtRole with great honour appreciates every single person who offered their time, knowledge and kindness to make ArtRole’s programme a success for almost 20 years: Anna Bowman, Mark Terry, Justine Blau, Rob Gowthrop, David Priestmaen, Catherine Lichfield, Adam Knights, Manick Govinda, Andrew Mitchelson, Lois Keidan, Helen Pheby, Peter Jenkinson, Christina Jensen, Tanja Tolar, Carole and Claude Coiffait, Chris Gladwing, Kojir Zangna, Assad Ali, Sherko Abbas, Shaho Abdul Rahman, Wahby Rasul, Lana Ebrahim, Hemn Hamid, Sarbast Raza, Aso Salm, Azar Osman, Shawnm Raza, Collin Ball, Ann J Ward, Julia Dye Gibson, Janet Stewart, Valeria Missalina Bembry, Anna King, Malu Villafane, Helen Mullan, Sarah Cameron Sunde, Catherine Filloux, David Diamond, Nancy Buchanan, Hisho Raza, Lesley A T Gaj, Hoshyar Kareem, Omed Mustafa, Hiwa Aziz, Amar Sadulah, Awder Osman, Ali Raza, Diyako Xatun, Zardasht Osman, Ibrahim Ramaddan, Sarah Perks, Dr. Andreas Selmsci, Jabar Salih, Sulayman Barzani, Mohamad Khalid, Sun Burhan, Cem Ekingin, Halil Timur, Razhan Asuad, Baris Seyitvan, Osman Ballaban, Abdulah Tapll, Clare Charnely, Jason Waite, Thomas Kobler, Imke Grimmer, Hiwa Omar, Uli Kaul, Shawbo Askari, Ako Gharib, Roberta Levitow, Michelle Dawn Roberta, Glara Rawand, Kamaran Hassan, Ali Raza, Wasan Arif, Mona Muradi, Amelie Banzet, Karwan Barzani, Gudrun Wallenbock, Hamed Jamal, Nawzad Showani, Wooria Aria, Hawkar Rskin, Shwan Boskani, Falah Shakarchi, Elham Nasser Al-Zabedy, Jenan Mohamed, Heinrich Soundso,  Anna Wachtmeister, Alexander Bib, Ali Nuri, Sara M Mathewa, Sally Poppe Alex, Touraj Aslani, Mohamad Hussian, Dwlla Murad.
Apologies to any person, or persons, whose name we may have inadvertently omitted.