Iraqi artists Residencies: 2008

Two artists Hemn Hamid and Reben Mejeed from Iraq were given the opportunity to undertake a residency in the UK to develop their work, explore British culture and contemporary art and introduce their work to a British audience. For the first residency artist Reben Majeed spent four weeks at Artsadmin and at Live Art Development Agency in London in research and development, resulting in a presentation. For the second residency artist Hemin Hamid spent four weeks at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in research and development centred around the host venue and also gave a power point presentation of his own work.

non-mct-081028_1040818 residency
non-mct-081028_1040832 residency
non-mct-081028_1040899 residerncy
non-mct-081031_1050003 residerncy
non-mct-081101_1050036 residency
non-mct-081101_1050043 rersidency
non-mct-081104_1050059 residercy
non-mct-081104_1050077 residency
non-mct-081109-residency-6 residency
non-mct-081114_3001 residency
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