The Middle East, North Africa, Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan are going through exceptional social and political change. ArtRole, an Iraqi contemporary arts organisation, was established after the second Gulf War to focus on and dedicate itself to building a cultural bridge between the Middle East, Iraq, the UK, the USA and the rest of the world. It works to establish more harmonious connections through the Arts, Culture and Education. ArtRole is committed to promoting human rights, freedom of speech and communication between genders and diverse communities. ArtRole has successfully worked on and delivered a number of arts, cultural, education and humanitarian projects in the Kurdistan region of Iraq and United Kingdom.
As an organisation promoting peaceful dialogue amongst diverse peoples, we are particularly attentive to the current instabilities in the region. ArtRole’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board are comprised of individuals from the UK, USA, Asia, Germany and Iraq. Together, we urge all parties, including civil societies, officials and residents, to move forward through non-violent means, using the democratic process to resolve conflicts, protect citizens and bring stability back to the region.

Culture Exchange

Through the development of arts and cultural activities and a network of artists and activists between the Middle East and the rest of the world. 



Artists, Activists, Academics, Diplomats, Curators, Cultural Experts, Playwrights, Educators, Peacemakers, Journalists, Filmmakers and Musicians, from around the world.



Exhibitions, Conferences, Symposiums, Residencies, Films, Music Festivals, Training, Workshops, Literature Festivals, Visiting Professional programme etc. From around the world.



Working with partners across the Middle East, North Africa, Africa, Europe, and America,



For nearly 20 years, we have always highlighted the role of women in our projects and have also created a special project to address women’s rights.