Richard Wilson’s Iconic Installation, 20:50 Kurdistan Region-Iraq, 2009




Richard Wilson is one of Britain’s most celebrated sculptors, known for his interventions in architecture space which are characterised by concerns with size and structural daring. 20:50 was first created in 1987 and has been described as ‘one of the masterpieces of the modern age’ by the art critic Andrew Graha-Dixon.
Richard Wilson’s iconic installation, 20:50, made of engine oil and steel was exhibited for many years in the Saatchi Gallery in London. It was installed for the first time in the Middle East, at Saddam Hussein’s Red Security building in Sulaymanyah City, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. It was a big achievement for ArtRole and for Wilson. 20:50 at the Red Security Building was curated by Adalet R. Garmiany, and realized by local engineers, builders, and volunteers.

20:50 Locations
Used sump oil, steel, wood fiberglass, and valve tap. Dimensions variable

  • Matt’s Gallary, London, 1987
  • Royal Scotish Academy, Edinburg, 1987
  • Saatchi Gallary, West London, 1991
  • Mito Art Tower, Mito, Japan, 1992
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, USA, 1994
  • Australian National Gallary, Camberra, 1996
  • Iraqi Kurdistan, Artrole, Red Security Museum, 2009
  • Saatchi Gallary, South Bank 2003