1st International Women’s Conference, Iraq 2011

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ArtRole organised the first International Women’s Conference, Iraq, ‘Women in Action’ – a 3 day International Conference from 25-27 November 2011. This International event and public participatory programme comprised a symposium, workshops, presentations and an exhibition of contemporary art by female Iraqi artists including performance, installation, video, film, photography, painting and sculpture.  The exhibition also featured handicrafts made by women in disadvantaged circumstances – women living in shelters or prison and women attending centres for the disabled.

International Women’s Conference 2011


Photos: Mark Terry
Funded and supported by;
Hivos, Humanist Institute for Cooperation with Developing Countries
Goethe, Institut/Verbindungsbüro Erbil-Irak
ETTC, European Technology & Training Centre, in Iraqi – Kurdistan
United States Embassy in Iraq
Kurdistan Regional Government
The Institut français, in Iraqi – Kurdistan

In partnership with;
Kvinna till Kvinna, Women’s Empowerment Project,
Women Empowerment Organization,
Gender Studies and Information Centre Organization, Merg Gallery,
Shanadar Gallery, The College of Fine Art and The Institute of Fine Art, Erbil.

Featured artists from Kirkuk, Sulimaniya, Baghdad, Mosul and Erbil included:
Narmin Mostafa, Sakar Qader, Naema Roshna Rasool, Rozhgar Mahmood Mustafa, Lana Ibrahim, Chiman Ismael, Khohshi, Sazan, Asooda Muhamed Darwish, Naza Abdulah, Julie Adnan, Shawnm R. Garmiany, Zaynab Al Rakabi, Wegdan Al Magid, Zina Salm Mohsen, Nibras Hashem, Faraj Albanna

Internal and local speakers:
Dr. Shaema Al Bakri, University Lecturer, Anbar , Iraq
Ahlam Al Jaboori, Women’s Contemporary Organisation, Qadessiya, Iraq
Gaziza Omar, Theatre Director, actor and writer, Sulaymania
Ala Talabani, Iraqi Representatives Council, Civil Society Activist, Kirkuk
Suha Salm, Theatre Actor & University lecturer, Baghdad
Suzan M. Aref, founder-Director (WEO) Women’s Empowerment Organisation, Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan
Abir Boukhari, co-founder and curator of All Art Now, Syria
Dr Mieke Kolk, Professor for Postmodern Theatre, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Edward Muallem, co-founder Ashtar Theatre, Palestine
Susanne Vincenz, a freelance dramaturg, film scholar, and curator, Germany
Övgü Gökçe, Project Coordinator, Diyarbakır Arts Center, Turkey
Ann Ward, Program Manager at Heartland Alliance – USA/Iraq

Workshops & Presentations by International and local Guests:
Jenny Cecilia Carlbom, Field representative for women’s rights, Kvinna till Kvinna, Sweden, Venue: Qandil NGO. SwedenMaria Hagberg, Director in Iraq for women’s rights, Kvinna till Kvinna, SwedenJoyce Maio, International Liaison, League of Professional Theatre Women, USA
Isabella Ellaheh Hughes curator, critic, consultant, Dubai Editor of
ArtAsiaPacific, Venue: US Consul General. USA
Maartje Nevejan, is an independent filmmaker based inAmsterdam. Her film is about the human Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination (for cervical cancer) for young girls. Netherlands
Margo Lee Sherman: Interactive Workshop by Acting Behind A Mask. US
Zahra Ali who is pursuing a PhD focusing on Iraqi women, Baghdad
Farman Ahmed Salim, Une Femme Sans Limite (A Woman Without Limits)is the story of a woman named Chro, who possesses a hairdressing salon and a restaurant only for women. Erbil


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