Spiritual journey: Solo Exhibition, Suly, Iraq 2018

Spiritual Journey – an exhibition representing over 20 years of my experience using the medium of conceptual art and new media.

The purpose of Spiritual Journey is not to find an answer – rather it is a process of continually asking questions. The show presents a search for identity and questions how to come to peace with the world. I seek to draw out the more spiritual side of our humanity simultaneously questioning the mundane an d the rational. The exhibition is a showcase of series performance, installation and sound/music experimentation. It is a collection of my conceptual and new media artwork, experiences from 1995-2017.

The exhibition will include one major Installation, ‘Stone’ about 3 metres high, (dependent on ceiling space available) and about 50 to 60 cm wide. Other artworks will be presented as video documentary, including performances, installation and some of my sound and music experimental pieces. I am planning to use approximately 10 projectors, depending on the museum’s space availability. I also have some sound recordings to present, if the right equipment is available. As part of the exhibition there will be an evening talk on the opening day. followed by a colloquium discussion.

My aim is to share Spiritual Journey show with the art community and public in Suly city and the region. The exhibition will be the first in Kurdistan on such a scale. The artworks were primarily made in the UK, Kurdistan.

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