Movie “Mosul My Home” Iraq 2021 – 2024

2021, 62

For many of us, when we first hear the name Mosul City, we immediately think of the brutal reign of the so-called ‘Islamic State,’ of humanitarian crisis, devastation and slow recovery. However, this film tells the story of Mosul beyond these stereotypes, examining the aftermath of war, the environment of the city and its communal places, as well as the once thriving energy of the city and its multi-ethnic inhabitants.

Screenings / Awards:

1- MIFF Moscow Inter FF 2021 (Russia)

2- Golden Apricot International Film Festival.  2021 (Armenia)

3- Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2021, (Philippine)

4- 5th Yalta International Film Festival October 22-26-2021 (Russia) 

5- Kinolitopys | 17 Kyiv International Film Festival, 2021 (Ukraine)

6- Serbest International Film Festival (SIFF) 2022 (Moldova)      (Sami-Final)

7- Giff Global Indie Film Fest, 2023 (Glasgow, UK)

8- Lion International Film Festival 2023 (Italy)
9– Mars International Film Festival 2023 (Marseille, France)9- Mars International
10– Venus Community Awards Organised by the International Cinema Community. 2023,  (Turkey)
11- 10th ARFF Around International Awards 2023, Barcelona, Spain
12– Purple Sky International Film Festival, 2023 (Humburg, Germany)
13- The Prague International Film Festival 2023
14-  The Colossus International Film Festival 2024 (Paris, France)
15 – The Andromeda Film Festival, 2024, (Turkey)



1- Winner: NETPAC Award 2021 (Moscow, Russia)

2- Winner: NETPAC Award 2021 (Philippine)

3- Winner: Special Prize of the Jury 2021 (Russia)

4- Winner: Bronze Award 2023 (Glasgow, UK)
5- Winner: Award Winner 2023 (Istanbul, Turkey)

6- Winner: Award winner, The Best Feature Film 2023 (Prague, Czech Republic)
7- Winner: Award winner, The Best Feature Film 2024 (Paris, France)

8- Winner: Award winner The Best Documentary Film,2024 (Turkey) 

A Review of Adalet R. Garmiany’s Award-Winning Film – By Catherine Filloux “Brandeis University”

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