Merkezkaç Art Collective

Online Exhibition Date: 31.12.2020
Project Coordinators:
Remzi Sever @remzisever
Barış Seyitvan @barisseyitvan
Uğur Orhan @ugrorhn
Murat Kartal @_muratkartal
Passage: A Gathering of Collectives

Merkezkaç Art Collective is organizing a meeting of collectives after the “Encounters” exhibition for which it co-operated with Space for Culture. With the principle of “unity is strength”, it brings together the art collectives and initiatives operating in various cities in Turkey and abroad. The collectives that come together in the project discuss the social issues such as identity, power, ecology, alienation, migration together with the current problems of contemporary art and try to make suggestions for possible solutions.

The exhibition aims to work on and determine the changes that collectives create through their own art practices in the centre and periphery (off-center) and aims to revive the dialogue environment by discussing the problems of the collectives together. It is among the goals of the project to shed light on the problems of the new collectives and to provide new perspectives to the young artist candidates.