Cross Cultural Programme, Germany, July-August 2013

ArtRole CE Adalet R. G. participated in the Cross Culture Internships Programme  The CCP is an exchange and dialogue programme of the Institut für Auslands beziehungen/ifa (Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations).

During two months Adalet explore Berlin, met with arts, culture and educational institutions, organisations, agencies, meusems, galleries  & Unividities. Met with artist, curatores, culture menegers and worked with Tasweer Studio and conference in Stuttgrat.
The programme is implemented in partnership with the German Federal Foreign Office. Since 2005 it offers young professionals and committed volunteers the opportunity to expand their professional and political competence as well as to gather international experience through a stay in anothercultural context. The CrossCulture Programme transfers our commitment to intercultural dialogue into action.

A pointy thing with a round thing on top, and blue sky.
A bir, red, round thing and a sort of ladder
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