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wilsonRichard Wilson
Richard Wilson is known for his interventions in architectural space which draw heavily on the worlds of engineering and construction for their inspiration. Wilson’s seminal installation 20:50, a sea of reflective sump oil, which is permanently installed in the Saatchi Collection, was described as ‘one of the masterpieces of the modern age’.

adaletAdalet R. Garmiany
Adalet R. Garmiany is originally from Kurdistan/Iraq and is now resident in the UK. Adalet is an artist, performer and musician and is the director of ArtRole. In Kurdistan he was a lecturer of art at the Institute of Fine Art of Erbil, he was also involved as a Dervish Def (Kurdish drum) player, in a Qadri group, as well as a painter and sculptor, activities that influenced his current art practice.

chrisChris Gladwin
Christopher Gladwin is an experimental musician and noise maker from Lincolnshire, UK who studied at the Hull School of Art & Design. Chris is mainly known for his electronica output under the name of Team Doyobi whose discography features labels such as Skam , Staalpaat and Fatcat records. Highlights of his activities so far have included touring with Autechre , supporting Lighting Bolt, playing with Damo Suzuki and making to Oslo and back in a jeep with no headlights, towing a Kebab machine during the Safe as Milk festival.

annAnne Bean
Anne Bean has undertaken numerous solo and collaborative projects worldwide, for nearly 40 years, in diverse media including performance, installation, drawing, photography, video and sound, using materials that range from fire, wind, steam and honey to laughter and breath. She recently was awarded a Franklin Furnace International Fellowship in New York. In 2009 she received a British Council Creative Collaborations and Visiting Arts award to bring together women from Iraq, Croatia, Israel and N. Ireland to make work in each other’s countries. LADA/Tate Research have awarded her a Legacy: Thinker in Residence Award for 2009.

susanSusan Meiselas
Susan Meiselas (b 1948) was born in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. After receiving an M.A. from Harvard University, she joined Magnum Photos in 1976. Meiselas is a recipient of the 1992 MacArthur Fellowship as well as a number of other awards including the Robert Capa Gold Medal for “outstanding courage and reporting”. Her work in the aftermath of the destruction of Kurdish villages by Saddam Hussein’s Anfal campaign led to a six-year exploration of the visual history of Kurdistan called Kurdistan: In the Shadow of History (1997). The Web site A Place for Collective Memory and Cultural Exchange is continually evolving through contributions from site visitors including Kurds around the world.



Ari Baban
Ako Ghareb
Ali Jolla
Arselan Ahmed
Abdulrahman W.K
Aram Ali
Auder Osman
Dara Hama ali
Dara Hama saeed
Dilshad Bahadin
Hawre Anwar
Jamal Mushier
Jaza Beker
Muhamed Fatah
Noori Mahmmud
Naeema Muhamad
Narmin Mustafa
Niyan Osman
Namiq Hama
Osman Qader
Rauof Hasen
Rebwar Saeed R
Rebwar Saeed N
Rostam Ahgala
Rozhgar Muhammed
Sakar Abdulla
Saman Abobaker
Shaho Abdulrahman
Lana Ibrahim
Sherko A
Xoshi Shauqi
Zana Rasul
Rostam Ahgala
Kameran Najm
Juli Adnan
Jamal Penjueni
Soran Nkeshbandi

1953 Born in Kirkuk
1962 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1942 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1971 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1954 Born in Kurdistan Duhok
1967 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1983 Born in Kurdistan Halabja
1950 Born in Kurdistan Erbil
1946 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1974 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1958 Born in Kurdistan Erbil
1962 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1963 Born in Kurdistan Halabja
1965 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1967 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1965 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1980 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1977 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1965 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1962 Born in Kurdistan Halabja
1961 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1962 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1969 Born in Kurdistan Koya
1969 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1981 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1968 Born in Kurdistan Kirkuk
1974 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani

1978 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1965 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1978 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1969 Born in Kurdistan Koya
1987 Born in Kurdistan Kirkuk
1985 Born in Kurdistan Kirkuk
1981 Born in Kurdistan Sulaymani
1978 Born in Kurdistan Sulayman

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