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An important aspect of Artrole’s work is to develop links with educational institutions. ArtRole sees art education programmes as an integral part of its work. This is currently being developed with the support of the Kurdistan Regional Government who are keen to adopt the British approach to art education and to establish Iraqi Kurdistan-UK art links as a core part of their curriculum. During their visit to Iraqi Kurdistan, UK artists gave a series of talks explaining the history and structure of art education in the UK.

After visiting ceramics departments in Iraqi Kurdistan, ArtRole donated some materials including a glaze to replace the poisonous Redlead-based glaze that was being used. ArtRole also discussed the possible supply of alternatives with the Minister of the Environment and the Minister of Education in Iraq-Kurdistan.


Books and learning resources, supplied by some institutions in England, have been donated to libraries and learning institutions across the whole of Iraq. In a recent visit, Adalet R.Garmiany met with the Minister of the Environment and donated copies of DVDs, dedicated to environmental issues which ArtRole hopes this will become part of its long-term programme of activity.

071104_5674The Institute of Fine Art Sulaymanyah, Iraq-Kurdistan

071104_5733Aram Gallery, Sulaymanyah, Iraq-Kurdistan, 2007

003DSCF1179The Museum of  Erbil city, Iraq-Kurdistan, 2007

uni_erbil_2British-Kurdistan University, Erbil city, Iraq-Kurdistan