Contemporary Art Iraq / Artist Presentations


Tales of Iraq: Artist Live Presentations

Cornerhouse, Manchester
Fri 16 April, 14:00 – 18:00
FREE, Booking required

Cornerhouse’s Sarah Perks, who has co-curated the Contemporary Art Iraq exhibition, chairs this lively event, featuring a series of presentations by some of the most prominent artists from the UK and Iraq; including British sculptor Richard Wilson, installation and performance artist Anne Bean and official Iraq war artist Xavier Pick, amongst others.

Richard Wilson
Richard Wilson is known for his interventions in architectural space which draw heavily on the worlds of engineering and construction for their inspiration. Wilson’s seminal installation 20:50, a sea of reflective sump oil, which is permanently installed in the Saatchi Collection, was described as ‘one of the masterpieces of the modern age’

Anne Bean
Anne Bean has undertaken numerous solo and collaborative projects worldwide, for nearly 40 years, in diverse media including performance, installation, drawing, photography, video and sound, using materials that range from fire, wind, steam and honey to laughter and breath. She recently was awarded a Franklin Furnace International Fellowship in New York. In 2009 she received a British Council Creative Collaborations and Visiting Arts award to bring together women from Iraq, Croatia, Israel and N. Ireland to make work in each other’s countries. LADA/Tate Research have awarded her a Legacy: Thinker in Residence Award for 2009.

Xavier Pick
An Official War artist specialises in these large pieces of multi media art work, layering pictures in photography, computer technology, painting and drawing. A lot of his work focuses on the building of schools, and hospitals as well as improving Iraqi transport links.
Xavier Pick joined the British Army in Iraq in 2008 and 2009. His aim was capture the positive side of the Iraq war, being the reconstruction of Iraq. He joined the army in their building of schools, hospitals and transport links. He was given exclusive 24 hours access to the army over a 5 week period.

Xavier Pick produced thousands of sketch books, photographs and film footage. With this work he is currently producing large multi-media artwork for an exhibitions to be held by the army in Portsmouth and a private exhibition in London.

Mohamed Abdulah
Mohamed born in Iraq, he lives and works in Amsterdam and London. He awarded BA in sculpture, Academy of fine Arts, Baghdad 1990, in Fashion Design from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam in 1999 and Jan Van Eyck Academy, (post academic institute), Fine Art, Maastricht in 2002. MA Interior and special design, Chelsea College, London.

His work has been exhibited in various solo and group exhibitions internationally, among others including: Ceci n’est pas mon cheval, Art Omi, New York 2009; Tell Britain an every Thursday performance installation at opposite site of Tate Britain, London 2008; Self, Fashion and Self-fashioning, Chelsea Space, London, 2008; In Focus, Contemporary Art Platform, London 2007 ; he left a stream of object in his wake, Goyang art studio, South Korea 2006; Hot Art, Cold Cash, Cologne Fine Art, Cologne 2006; Skulptur-Biennale Munsterland, Kreis Borken, Germany 2005; Bremer Förderpreis fur Bildende Kunst, Städtische Galerie, Bremen, Germany 2005; Berliner Kunstsalon, Berlin 2004; How to make an exhibition for people who won’t come? Hedah, Maastricht, the Netherlands 2003; Still life in Baghdad performance installation 2003; The sun rises at 11:00 am, JVE, Maastricht, the Netherlands 2002; I see the mirror I wake up performance installation, Kunst Rai, Amsterdam 2000.