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ArtRole Has nominated six artists from the Middle East & Europe for the Seventh Artes Mundi Prize, The UK’s leading International Art Prize, based in Wales 2015.

Nominated artists:

1. Bahram Hajou – Germany
2. Jamal Penjweny – Iraqi Kurdistan
3. Awder Osman – Iraqi Kurdistan
4. Ali raza Garmiany – Ierland
5. Justine Blau – Luxembourg
6. Haure Madjid – German

Charity art auction.

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An art auction to Help the displaced in Iraq was held in Erbil, Iraq – November 21, 2014.










ArtRole to partner to FGAP 2014

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ArtRole is pleased to announce that it will be a Middle East partner for the Future Generation Arts Prize 2014.

Info: FGAP 2014 website

The Future Generation Art Prize established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation and
implemented by the PinchukArtCentre is a worldwide contemporary art prize to
discover, recognize and give long‐term support to a future generation of artists. The
Prize is a major contribution to the open participation of young artists in the dynamic cultural development of societies in global transition.


caspian 250

NINITI International Literature Festival in Erbil, Iraq (April 22-24)

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NILF will include practical workshops focusing on poetry and prose (with particular emphasis on the short story form). The workshops will be led by authors participating in the festival.

Application form for workshops:
(pdf downloads – please email completed form to




Festival Programme:




Press Release




Save Your Environment: 6th December 2013

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ArtRole in collaboration with Goethe Institut of Irak is developing an exchange art project Save Your Environment, between Germany and Iraqi Kurdistan – an environmental project for public awareness. Six German and Kurdish Iraqi designers work has been selected.



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MENA (Middle East and North Africa), Art Experts Visiting dOCUMENTA September 2012 – GERMANY

TCG National Conference 2010

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TCG National Conference 2010
National Theater Communication Group Conference Chicago USA June 17-19

Artrole CEO Adalet.R.Garmiany was invited to speak. The TCG National Conference
brought together approximately 900 theatre professionals from across America and
around the world for meetings, presentations and performances.and a chance to
explore the local theatre community.

Take Care of You

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17th – 18th October 2011

ArtRole was invited to a conference ‘Take Care of You’ to speak about ‘Art in a Conflict Zone’. This conference took place in Duhok city in Iraqi Kurdistan, an event organized by the Turkish – Diyarbakir council and The Ministry of Culture – Kurdistan Government – Iraq. The conference included an exhibition of contemporary Turkish and Kurdish art and included a seminar presentation by Adalet R. Garmiany, followed by a round table discussion about future collaborations between artists in the area.


3rd International Women’s Conference, November 23-28

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ArtRole will host the annual 3rd International Women’s Conference – Iraq, in the cities of Erbil, and Sulaymania. This year the conference will include a theatre collaboration between an American playwright and a Kurdish theatre director employing actors from across Iraq. There will also be symposium, presentations and discussions between international guests and local delegates. There will be a visual art exhibition of work by women artists and an international film screening.

Animation and painting exhibition

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June 2012, Erbil, Iraq – Merg Gallery

An Animation and painting exhibition by Kurdish Iranian artist Mashallah Muhammedi.
Sponsored and supported by (ArtRole)

کردنهوهی پێشانگای شێوهکاری ونمایشی ئهنیمهشنهکانی هونهرمهندی کوردستانى ئێران (ماشهڵا موحهمهدی)
به سهرپهرشتی و پشتگیری ڕێکخراوی ئارت ڕۆڵ

ههولێر- گهلهری مێرگ-

YouTube video:

DSC_1937 copy poster for email